Senior Portrait Myth

It’s correct to say that some High School have a designated studio for “YEARBOOK” pictures, however you ARE NOT required to purchase anything from them. This is one of myths circulating in a few of the area High School, mainly Buckeye Valley and Big Walnut.

Don’t fall for it! These studios will try to HIGH PRESSURE SELL you into their most expensive items. You have a choice and that choice it to choose whomever you like to document this special time in your life.  Additionally, the cost of these studios are very high.

So do you want to save 50% or more on your senior portraits? Blue Maple Photography is at least 50% less expensive than your SCHOOL PICKED studio. Their entry level package is $460 (plus editing, sales tax, S & H). Out the door with just a few prints and your are looking at close to $550 for 2-8x10s, 8-5x7s, and 40-wallets. Save a lot of cash and contact Blue Maple Photography now!


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