One Room School-The Perfect School




Very cool location a friend showed me a while back, thanks Joe!  I have three of the four season photographed and I waiting for Autumn to get the last.

According to the historical marker on site “William (1746-1813) and Elizabeth Day (1761-1837) Perfect and their family traveled by carts and wagon from Virginia and Kentucky and arrived in Trenton Township, Delaware County, Ohio in the spring of 1807. William Perfect was one of the first two pioneers in Trenton Township. He purchased military land and built a log cabin on Perfect Creek which was named in honor of the family. In 1893, the Perfect School was built on land previously owned by George W. Perfect, a grandson of William and Elizabeth. The school was in use from 1893-1926.”  If you want to visit go to N 40° 15.422 W 082° 49.314.

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