Sports Photographer in Delaware, Ohio

Blue Maple Photography does sports photography as well as our portraits and fine art prints.  Below is a sample of one of our individual “player” images.  We take the time to set up a pleasing scene with soft off camera lighting rather than run the players through a gauntlet with a single on camera flash.

This one was a different team and different setting.

The perimeter of the field for this location is a mix of residential, commercial, and school outbuildings so I was VERY limited at finding a spot to have a neutral/clutter less background. So to achieve this I had to tun my subject into the sun. I never like to do this. I didn’t like the chain link fence but had to run with it. I found one tiny spot with trees. I used a strobe with a diffuser at camera left to fill in the harsh shadow. Due to the high winds, I could not place anything between the subject and the sun. I was lucky on a lot of the shots and got some good captures before the wind took over their hair. I had to weight down both the camera and tripod as well as the strobe and light stand.

Worst days to shot = sunny windy days!

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