Senior Portraits at Blue Maple Photography

Below are a few examples, what do you think?  As you can see, we specialize in onsite photography. We use a combination of natural and off-camera light. With this we can create the studio look just about anywhere.  There are three types of photographers, 1.) Natural light, 2.) On-camera light, 3.) Off-Camera light.  When you use solely natural light, the camera works to properly expose everything framed, the sky, background, model, foreground, etc….  The typical result, an overexposed sky or background and darken face on the model.  Hey, is the model the reason for the photograph?  On-camera light produces a harsh flat look with no dimension, not to mention strong visible shadows.  Off-camera lighting (remote controlled strobes in umbrellas or softboxes) is a much softer and flattering.  With this you get the studio look with great highlights, soft shadows, and lots of defining contrast.  Here the model pops out of the photograph.  Yes the item wanting to be photographed is now the visual key in the image.





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