The “We don’t…” and “We do…” of Blue Maple Photography – A Must Read for Anyone Looking to Hire a Professional Photographer

The “We don’t…”  and “We do…” of Blue Maple Photography – A Must Read for Anyone Looking to Hire a Professional Photographer

We don’t charge an exceedingly low price.

  • You’ve heard the saying, “If something is worth having, it is usually worth something.” Shouldn’t that also be true for the portraits hanging on your wall? If you just wanted digital or printed images you would have just used the camera app on your mobile phone.  You know, these days almost everyone now has a digital camera.  After all you want a top notch quality product and superior customer service.  Isn’t this exactly why you are looking for a professional photographer?

We do not “take pictures for some extra spending cash.”

  • This is our profession.  This is what pays the bills and mortgage.  It takes a lot of time, education, and experience to become truly proficient and able to produce a cohesive portrait session for a client. We are not in it just to make a couple hundred bucks for a couple hours of shooting.  Our focus is not to make images that are “good enough”,  but images that are fantastic.   Notice how I said “a couple hundred bucks?”  That’s because that’s what is what you are seeing out there.  That is what the Shoot & Burners (a.k.a. Mom With A Camera [MWAC] or Guy With A Full Time Job [GWFTJ]) charges.  That is them just wanting to take pictures for some extra spending cash.  

We don’t print our images at the local big box or drug store.

  • For our prints, we use professional photography print labs.  Professional labs use professional paper and ink that are archival quality.   Just for a giggles, see for yourself the next time you are shopping in a big box or drug store.  Look at their sample images.  Do they look yellowed or discolored – already?  Is that what you want to happen to your portrait that will be hanging in your home? 

We don’t hand you your prints in a plain white envelope.

  • All of our prints, under 11×14, are delivered to you in a keepsake boutique packaging.  

We don’t shoot and burn a CD handing it to you in a paper sleeve with no keepsake or protective packaging following a session.

  • We take pride in our work and our images have to look spectacular.  We spend about 3-4 times the amount of time of your session time meticulous editing to provide you with the best of the best images.  For digital customers we provide top quality American made eco-friendly keepsake packaging. All our digital packages include the a high definition (720p) slide show, two 2 GB USB flash drive with all final professionally edited images and the high definition (720p) slide show, a 4×6 archival print of all final images,  Yes!  We include prints of every image.  Think about it, I’m sure this has happened to you how many times – when life itself gets in the way and you know, that CD or USB drive just sits in the drawer or file cabinet waiting and waiting for prints to be made.  You’ll always have prints to show when friends and family want to see them.  Then the digital package comes in an American made eco-friendly keepsake storage box that is handcrafted out of unvarnished blond maple with compartments for your USD flash drive and 4×6 archival prints. You also get full printing and usage rights on all images and 75% discount on our professional printing if you wish for us to handle that. 

We don’t give you files in bizarre sizes and file types.

  • We’ll give you files in .jpg format in both a high resolution and web resolution file size.  That way you can immediately load you images up to your favorite social media site.  If you need something different, just ask.  Customer support and satisfaction is our primary objective.

We don’t claim to be a natural light photographer of use an on-camera.

  • When you use solely natural light, the camera works to properly expose everything you have framed, the sky, background, model, foreground, etc…. The typical result, an overexposed sky or background and darken face on the model or the opposite.Hey, isn’t the model the reason why you are looking for a photographer?On-camera light produces a harsh flat look with no dimension, not to mention strong visible shadows.Off-camera lighting (e. g., remote controlled strobes in umbrellas or softboxes) is a much softer and flattering. With this you get the studio look with great highlights, soft shadows, and lots of defining contrast. Here the model pops out of the image! We use a mixture of both natural light and flash to give you great images. Yes, shouldn’t the item wanting to be photographed be the visual key in the image.

We don’t meet at high noon.

  • We prefer to meet in the morning or evening when the light is more flattering and less harsh.  Why?  Because you will not get dark shadows or over exposed hotspot in your images.  Don’t laugh; you know you’ve seen images when you were searching for a photographer.

We don’t arrive to a session alone.

  • Almost all of our session we have an accompanying photo assistant.  Not only is this for everyone’s safety but it is also necessary to the additional help with making you look great.  You want to look great; right?

We don’t ask you to make checks payable to an individual.

  • Checks are payable to Blue Maple Photography – we are a legitimate business and pay taxes.

We don’t show up to a session without being insured.

  • We are a professional business and are fully insured.

We don’t show up to a session with just a single camera around our neck.

  • We come prepared. We have multiple cameras in case of a malfunction. Do you know how many working parts and circuit boards there are in a modern camera? Don’t forget batteries and memory cards, we carry extra of those as well.  Additionally we carry plenty of light gear and stands all to make you look your best.

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Avoid the Fauxtographer

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Fauxtographer (n.) — That cheap guy with a camera who produced a product that looks like it came from a disposable camera someone gave to the flower girl.

Here are 10 tips to avoiding that guy:

1. The price is dramatically less than other photographers you’ve seen. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Professional cameras, lenses and editing software add up quickly, and a self-employed professional photographer also pays around 40 percent in income taxes.

  • Equipment, insurance, and taxes add up very quickly.

2. There’s little to no file backup system. What’s worse than bad wedding photos? No wedding photos. If the photographer doesn’t sound 100 percent dedicated to keeping your photos safe, keep looking.

  • We have an on site PC for file back up and duplicate backup at the office

3. The fauxtographer doesn’t have business insurance. A professional photographer has insurance to cover you or your venue if something goes wrong.

  • We have business insurance with Hill & Usher.

4. There’s no contract. A contract protects both you and your photographer, and you can expect a real photographer to have a detailed contract, covering everything from when the balance is due to how soon you should expect your wedding photos after the big day.

  • Our wedding and events have detailed contracts.

5. The only have one camera. Bad things happen at weddings. A photographer can trip. A flower girl can mistake a lens for a toy. Every photographer experiences an equipment mishap at least once in her career, so if it happens at your wedding, you want to be sure she can carry on as though nothing happened.

  • We have two DSLR cameras at EVERY session.

6. You don’t see a complete wedding album. It’s easy for a fauxtographer to take the best pictures from several different weddings and put together a beautiful album. Be sure you’re able to see a whole wedding from start to finish.

  • We’ve gone digital and have full slide show of weddings and other session.

7. A fauxtographer doesn’t have any lenses that are f/2.8 or “faster.” This part is a bit technical, but ask the photographer to list a few of their lenses. Lenses are described in ways like 85mm f/1.4 or 70-200 f/2.8. If you hear a lot of f/5.8 or f/4, she is likely photographing your wedding with hobby quality lenses, which can be bad. Indoor receptions and ceremonies are incredibly demanding on camera equipment, and you’ll want your photographer to use the very best.

  • We have a 70-200 mm f/2.8 and a 17-50 mm f/2.8.

8. Fauxtographers will give you every picture they snap. A professional takes pride in his work, and not every click of the shutter will result in a worthy image. Be wary of a photographer that doesn’t take pride in her work and reputation enough to toss the bad shots.

  • You may only see us at your session for an hour to a few hours however we spent about 4 times that amount of time sorting, comparing, and editing your images for provide you with the best of the best.

9. He hasn’t ever been to a workshop or photography conference. Professional photographers invest in attending workshops and conferences to keep their skills and business practices up to date.

  • We are not perfect and never will be, photography is an evolving art and we are striving to continuously improve to give you the best possible product.

10. The uses the built in flash on her camera. Fauxtographers show their true colors when the scene gets dark. A professional photographer uses an external flash (or two) to control the light, often directing her flash at a ceiling or wall to create a softer look. Fauxtographers use the built-in flash on their camera, and can’t capture the ambiance of your reception.

  • We have multiple off camera flashes controlled via wireless remote Pocket Wizards along with many light modifiers for the perfect lighting.

11.  A fauxtographer has no professional branding | watermark. They may have no logo displayed anywhere and all images you see with watermarks only contain fancy looking hard to read text.

  • Our image a watermarked with professional software like Adobe PhotoShop LightRoom 3 or Adobe PhotoShop CS5. Additional in the EXIF fields of an image there is copyright and photographer information.  Look for our blue maple leaf, it is everywhere.

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I Want To Have Pictures Taken – Now What?

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  1. First decide what length of session you would like and whether you want the Complete Digital or the Pay As You Go – Prints and Products.
  2. Second, schedule your session.  You can schedule online, by email, or by calling or texting us at 614.877.7491.
  3. Lastly payment – payment must be made at the time of booking to reserve your time slot.  For the Complete Digital, 50% is due at booking and the remaining 50% is due prior to delivery. You are also more than welcome to pay in full at the time of booking.  For Prints and Products, the session fee is due at the time of booking and payment for items is due at time of ordering.   We offer secure payable online invoicing, PayPal, credit card-by-phone, cash, and check ($35 return check fee) payment options.

Contact us for more information on other types of photography session options (e. g., wedding, real estate, product, etc…).

Our shooting locations include our home based studio or on-site locations – typically in the greater Delaware/Northern Columbus area. If you are interested in locations outside the area, just ask and we’ll work with you on the details.

We offer a wide variety of other sessions and services including:

  • Watch Me Grow (New born to First year)
  • Fine Art Prints
  • Weddings
  • Engagements
  • Parties
  • Commercial
  • Boudoir
  • Product
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Contact us for other photography services

Satisfaction guaranteed: if you are not completely satisfied, contact us and we will work with you to make you happy or issue you a refund.

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Spring Portraits


The weather is finally warming up and Easter and Spring Break is just around the corner.  Also everyone is out shopping for those new Easter outfits. You know what – new clothing plus nice weather make perfect ingredients for portraits.    We here at Blue Maple Photography are on-location portrait and photography specialist – we bring the photography to you! If you have a location you want photographed or want photographed at a location, we’re the ones for you.  We photography high school seniors, children, family, real estate, weddings, events, and products.  Visit our webpage, give us a call, or book online now!