The Urban Grunge Look

Our model wanted an urban grunge look to some portraits since he is an aspiring DJ. I think we got the look.



I Do – Weddings That Is

Yes, we here at Blue Maple Photography do weddings.   So if you are looking for a photographer, we’ll be happy to help you out.

Rob & Ashley

Rob & Ashley

Bride and Her Bridesmaids

Rob & Ashley

Entire Wedding Party

Groom and his Groomsmen

Rob & Ashley

Upper Michigan Panoramos (Good Hart to Cross Village)

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Sunset over Lake Michigan (Good Hart, MI)

Sand Dunes (Cross Village, MI)

Sturgeon Bay (Cross Village, MI)

Lake Michigan Sunsets (Good Hart to Cross Village)

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Lake Michigan Sunset 1

Lake Michigan Sunset 2

Lake Michigan Sunset 3

Lake Michigan Sunset 4

Lake Michigan Sunset 5 (my favorite)

Lake Michigan Sunset 6

Soical Media Links for Blue Maple Photography

Shot during the local high school’s touchdown club’s golf outing.

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A Beach Wedding

Below are a few select shots from a wedding I shot as a guest and not the hired photographer. I asked the hired photographer permission to shoot at the wedding and he said it was fine as long as I didn’t use flash.

The bride is my wife’s cousin and she got married on the beach near sunset at Gulf Shores, AL.

Groom and his son as the best man.

Bride and daughters as maids of honor

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Shots from 06.12.2012

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Recent Shots


Photography With Transitional Eyeglass Lenses

With outdoor photography, transitional lenses are often an issue on bright (sunny or overcast) days.   However, when needed, we have learned to overcome that issue as illustrated above.   Note, we believe it is best to get the image right in the camera and do as little post processing as possible.  In some circumstance, that may be beyond our control.

Blue Maple Photography

Select individual shots from the Galion High School Class of 1962 by Blue Maple Photography

High School Sweethearts

Class of 1962

Enjoying Life