Post Production Fixes to Take a Portrait from Great to Awesome

Below are a few of the subtle fixes that Blue Maple Photography

can do to your portraits to take them from great to awesome.

  • Removed undergarment impression
  • Removed necklace clasp
  • Removed scratch near necklace pendant
  • Softened skin and hair
  • Removed facial blemishes and unused piercing holes
  • Sharpened eyes
  • Whitened eyes
  • Softened lips
  • Darken iris of eyes
  • Darken shirt
  • Removed stray hairs
  • Removed minor shirt wrinkles to give a fuller bust
  • Lightened center and darkened boarder
  • Thin line edge to black
  • Subtle vignette blur

3rd Place in Photo Challenge

Pulled off a 3rd Place in this photo challenge at

Holiday Gift Ideas from Blue Maple Photography

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