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Photograph(s) of the Day

The top image is from last year and the bottom in an image from today.  Hope you enjoy and decide to let Blue Maple Photography help you with all your photography needs.

Bare Winter Trees in a Snow Storm

Red Bows on Cars

1st Place in pdreview.com Photo Challenge

I took 1st place (click here to see the other entries) in this challenge at dpreview.com.

In a Black & White Mood Today

I had to run to the bank so I decided to go to the neighboring town and see if I could pick up some shots while out and about.  I was in a black and white mood so here is what I got.

Family Holiday Photo Wreath

This was an idea that my daughters came up with and I think it turned out great.  Basically, we took 30 images and randomly cropped them to 4x5s, 4x6s, 5x5s, and 5x7s.  We also randomly changed them from color to black and white, sepia, and antiqued yellow with about an 1/4 inch boarder.  They also added the small stamp like details for a bit of contrast with color.

Visit www.bluemaplephotography.com.

A Wee Bit of Snow in Central Ohio, USA

Had a bit bit of snow today.  Not a lot but just enough to stick to the local foliage and other things. 

Post Production Fixes to Take a Portrait from Great to Awesome

Below are a few of the subtle fixes that Blue Maple Photography

can do to your portraits to take them from great to awesome.

  • Removed undergarment impression
  • Removed necklace clasp
  • Removed scratch near necklace pendant
  • Softened skin and hair
  • Removed facial blemishes and unused piercing holes
  • Sharpened eyes
  • Whitened eyes
  • Softened lips
  • Darken iris of eyes
  • Darken shirt
  • Removed stray hairs
  • Removed minor shirt wrinkles to give a fuller bust
  • Lightened center and darkened boarder
  • Thin line edge to black
  • Subtle vignette blur

Composite Image called “Time Traveler”

This is a composite of the inside of a modern car and the 1940s panel of the Portsmouth, Ohio Flood Wall Murals.
Blue Maple Photography